Anthony Brigandi Scholarship

The Anthony Brigandi Scholarship creates a travel scholarship for students studying in SUNY New Paltz’s Institute of Disaster Mental Health. It is intended to provide students the opportunity to supply direct disaster services to victims in devastated communities as we have done in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and on many other occasions including local floods and fires. Scholarship will be awarded to those engaging in their IDMH practicum.

IDMH, Liberal Arts and Science Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you planning to enroll in the Disaster Practicum travel course during the upcoming Spring semester?
  2. Please submit a 300-500 word essay that describes: 1) Why you have chosen to minor in Disaster Studies 2) What you hope to learn or expect to learn from this disaster recovery experience. 3) What your career goals are after graduation
  3. *Only if physically traveling* Please provide a proposed weekly budget for your travel expenses - consider, how many days of travel, expense of gas/bus/train, mileage per week, etc.
    • Anticipated number of days of travel.
    • Estimate your expense, per week, for your travel
    • I'm working remotely
    • Method of travel