Drs. David Appelbaum-Amiya Chakravarty Philosophy Scholarship Fund

The Drs. David Appelbaum – Amiya Chakravarty Philosophy Scholarship Fund provides an amount of no less than $1000 for one or more students selected by the Philosophy Department Scholarship Committee.

Applicants must be philosophy majors who have completed at least one full semester at New Paltz that includes at least one course in philosophy; have a minimum GPA of 3.25 in philosophy courses taken at New Paltz; and submit an essay (maximum length: two pages, double spaced) which describes why they are interested in philosophy and how they will benefit from the scholarship. Current and past recipients of the scholarship are welcome to re-apply.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to recognize excellence in the study of philosophy. The Scholarship Committee will select recipients after consideration of the quality of the applicant’s essay, GPA in philosophy courses, and progress through the major. The Scholarship is not need-based, but the Scholarship Committee may also take note of financial need.

Liberal Arts and Science Scholarships, Philosophy Scholarships, Undergraduate
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide an essay explaining why you are interested in philosophy and how you will benefit from this scholarship.
  2. Applicants can request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member by submitting the email address of the person you wish a recommendation from. You should notify these individuals to expect an email. You are responsible for ensuring the recommendations are submitted by the application deadline. Please use their newpaltz.edu email address if they are a faculty member.