Archaeology Field School - Anthropology Scholarship

In the summer of 2023, The SUNY New Paltz Anthropology Department will be conducting a bioarcheology field school in Kingston, New York. The focus will be on the Pine Street African Burial Ground and the Old Dutch Church. Participants in the field school course who take part in the 5 week experience are eligible to apply for scholarships to help support tuition or non tuition expenses for being engaged in this endeavor.

Eligibility for this scholarship is dependent upon enrollment within the course.(Enrollment begins April 11th). Consideration will be given financial need for tuition, housing, transportation, etc. and awards may vary $500 or greater.

$500 and up
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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you enrolled or planning to enroll in ANT434 - archeology field school? (select any that apply)
  2. Please select the top three financial needs you have for your SUMMER semester study at SUNY New Paltz. (If more than three selected the first three will be considered).
  3. Provide a statement why you are interested in this experience and what you hope to gain by the end of your study.
  4. Additional information: applicants are welcome to use the following space to provide additional information they feel is relevant to their application.