David Lavallee Student Travel Fund

Open for application each semester, The purpose of this program is to help undergraduate and graduate students cover the costs of traveling to regional and national scholarly conferences or exhibitions to present, exhibit, or perform their scholarly work during the winter, spring, summer or fall semesters. Funding for this program is available due to the generosity of former Provost David Lavallee and friends of the College. The Provost will review applications and make award determinations.


In order for the funds to disburse to your student account, you are required to submit the official letter from the organizer accepting your work for presentation and a copy of receipts.

Who is eligible?
1. Applicant must be a current, matriculated, and registered SUNY New Paltz undergraduate or graduate student, with tuition and fees paid.
2. Undergraduate applicants must be juniors or seniors. (Please note conference and travel dates must occur prior to graduation)
3. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of the application.

“Note that travel to/from internships, student teaching assignments, residencies, or conference attendance without presenting are not eligible for funding through this program.”

Varies for SPRING 2023
Travel Award
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select any that apply regarding the purpose of this trip
  2. What is the name of the conference?
  3. What is the date of the conference?
  4. Where is the conference located? (city and state) *Note this is for regional and national travel only - NO international destinations will be qualified*
  5. Please provide an estimated budget for your expenses. If an expense is not applicable. please leave write N/A.
    • Cost of registration (if applicable)
    • Estimate cost of travel (gas, mileage, tolls, airfare, taxi, bus or train expense). Please indicate your method of travel in your answer.
    • Estimated cost of board per day if applicable.
    • Estimated cost of room per night if applicable.
    • Please list the amount you hope to be reimbursed.
  6. Please provide us with a description of the scholarly/creative work that you will be presenting/exhibiting/performing, and how attendance at this conference will contribute to your primary academic work/interests.
  7. Applicants can request a letter of recommendation by submitting the email address of the person you wish a recommendation from. You should notify these individuals to expect an email. You are responsible for ensuring the recommendations are submitted by the application deadline. Please use their newpaltz.edu email address if they are a faculty member.
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