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The SUNY New Paltz Foundation scholarship portal is ACCEPTING GENERAL APPLICATIONS on January 15th for scholarships disbursed in the 2023-2024 academic year!

All students, including new incoming students, should complete the General Application and if prompted a conditional application for the upcoming aid year starting March 1, 2023, and for all other available scholarship opportunities for the 2023-2024 aid year.

All currently enrolled students may sign into SUNY New Paltz Foundation’s Scholarship Portal with your newpaltz.edu email and password.

All new incoming students for Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 should complete the General Application and conditional application starting March 1, 2023, for any available recruitment scholarships. (Note: awards may be offered as late as the first week of school and are very limited in number)

Your first step is to complete a General Application. Your responses may prompt a request for you to complete a Conditional Application or recommend opportunities with additional scholarship specific questions.

Upon completion of the General Application, you will be presented with a conditional application that will direct you to funds for a specific purpose (i.e. new students, education majors, etc.) or you will be presented with Recommended Opportunities. Look over these scholarships to see if you are eligible and then Apply To eligible opportunities.
For existing students, it is strongly recommended that you do not rely exclusively on the system’s Auto-Match and the populated Recommended Opportunities. Many scholarships require additional information to be submitted after the completion of the General Application, some of which (like community service, clubs, etc.) is not found in your data and you will need to answer questions to be eligible.

Go to OPPORUNITIES and then click on the “Ours” tab to see the full list of scholarships opportunities. Please read the scholarship descriptions carefully to determine if you might qualify for any additional scholarships. Several of the scholarships listed on the “Ours” tab require no further action from you to apply (those listed with “None required”).

Most the Foundation’s Scholarships opportunities are open for application between March and April for funding for the next academic year. Some dates will vary for specific opportunities, so please check when applying.
The General Application will open in January and close on December 15 @ 11:59 pm. EST. Once it is completed during this cycle, you can edit but you do not have to take this step again.
Edits to existing and closed opportunity applications will not be accepted after the scholarship’s stated deadline. Deadlines are 11:59 PM on the posted date. All application materials, including reference letters must be submitted on time to be considered.
Award amounts published are for general information – actual amounts may vary

Click on the Show Filters button to find opportunities by certain attributes, majors, or other scholarship themes. You may search on more than one scope by highlighting one option, holding down “control” or “command” and then highlighting an additional option. Click “Enter” when finished. It is strongly recommended that all students review the GENERAL scholarship category. These funds are not reliant upon a student being a specific major.

Keyword searches should be limited to one word or phrase (ex. engineering). Do not use comma separators or unrelated strings (ex. math, physics; arts and sciences political science).

If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will receive an email from npscholarships@newpaltz.edu. This email will provide you the steps you will need to take for the scholarship to be applied to your student account. All email notifications will be sent to your newpaltz.edu email account. If you wish to confirm offers without clicking on a link in an email, please log into the scholarship portal and accept offers from there.
Additional steps will need to be taken to confirm your scholarship. All students will need to complete the acceptance process in the scholarship portal if prompted.
Qualifying for a scholarship is not a guarantee of funding. Even if not specifically stated, scholarships are typically reserved for students in good academic standing who are also making satisfactory progress towards a degree. International students can apply for all scholarship opportunities except where permanent residency in the US is noted.

Any questions can be directed to npscholarships@newpaltz.edu

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
1000 per year (up to 2- 3 years) Frank G. Elliott Family Scholarship
*Established in 1998 by Frank G. Elliott, to support SUNY New Paltz...
varies Friends of Asian Studies Endowment
Established in 2006 by Asian Studies Alumni and Friends of Asian...
Varies (up to $400 per semester) Gary and Janaki Patrik Music Endowment
*Established by Gary and Janaki Patrik to award scholarships to full or...
varies (up to $1,500) Gary and Janaki Patrik Music Scholarship
Established by Gary and Janaki Patrik to help highly deserving music...
$3,000 per year up to 3 years Gertrude M. Elliott Memorial Scholarship
Grace E. Elliott, a lifelong resident of New Paltz, passed away in 1997....
Varies (up to 800) Harry K. Bonsu Leadership Scholarship
Recipients of the Harry K. Bonsu Leadership Scholarship will be selected...
varies Helen A. and James T. McShane Memorial Scholarship Annual Fund
Established in 2019 in memory of Helen and James McShane by their sons...
varies (up to 2000) Howard I. Goldblatt '73 and Leila Cohen Annual Public Policy Scholarship
Established by Howard I Goldblatt in order to support at least one SUNY...
varies (up to $1,000) Iris Stedener Memorial Scholarship
Established through a generous bequest to assist students in majoring in...
$1,000.00 Jeffrey G. Korn '79 Internship Fund
The Jeffrey G. Korn ’79 Internship Fund was established in 2017 and will...
varies (up to 1000) Joan E. Savino Palladino Scholarship
Established to help support School of Education students at New Paltz....
varies (up to $1,000) Joe and Jean Badalucco Outstanding Achievement Theatre Scholarship
Established to honor the parents of Michael Badalucco, a graduate of the...
$2000 John L. and Jeanne L. Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship
Established in honor of John L. and Jeanne L. Fitzgerald, by their...
$2,000.00 John L. Jankiewicz Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2007 in honor of John L. Jankiewicz, to help support...
varies Joseph C. Paparone Endowed Student Travel Scholarship
The Joseph C. Paparone Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund was...
$1,000.00 Judy Paige O'Brien '70 and Thomas O'Brien Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Scholarship Fund
Established in 2013 by Judy and Thomas O’Brien ’70 to provide internship...
$2,000 per year for 2 years Julien and Jane Studley Visual Art Scholarship Fund
Established in 2016, through the generosity of Mrs. Jane Studley, this...
$500-$1,000 Karen Krause Brody '71 and Dr. Steven Brody '73 Scholarship
Established in 2012 through the generosity of Karen Krause Brody ’71 and...
Up to $500 Kristen Rodecker Memorial Award
Established through the generosity of family and friends of the Rodecker...
$1,000 Kurt Haas Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship award was established by the family, friends and...
varies (up to 1800) Larry Braun Engineering Scholarship
A Brooklyn native, Larry lived in Gardiner and was involved in the life...
varies (up to 1000) Leonard Boccia '89 School of Business Scholarship Fund
The Leonard Boccia ’89 School of Business Scholarship will provide at...
varies (up to 1000) Leonore Schwartz Neumaier Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2016 in memory of Leonore Schwartz Neumaier, through a...
Varies (up to 2000) Leslie Oakley Memorial Scholarship
Leslie S. Oakley, a 1929 graduate of the New Paltz Normal School and...
$1,500 Linda A. and Thomas P. Stokes Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2006 in honor of Linda A. and Thomas P. Stokes, by...
varies (up to 1500) Lori A. Beer Annual Scholarship for Promoting Diversity in Education Professions
Established in 2012, the scholarship will help support students who are...
$1000 Lucy Delgado Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1998 by Jane L. Delgado, Class of 1973, in honor of her...
varies (up to 2000) Luigi and Anita Traverso Endowment for Italian Studies
The Luigi and Anita Traverso Endowment was created by Professor Emeritus...
$1,000.00 M & T Bank Endowed Scholarship Fund
M & T Bank Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 to support...
400 per semester Marion Harding Memorial Scholarship
Named for Marion Harding, who joined the faculty of the New Paltz Normal...
$1,000.00 Mark I. Kalish '73 Internship Fund
Established in 2017, the Mark I Kalish ’73 Internship Award will be...
varies (up to 2000) Mary Boyle Music Therapy Scholarship
The Mary Boyle Music Therapy Scholarship was established through the...
Varies ( up to 2000) Mary Gallagher Burke Scholarship
Established in 1989 by Mr. Arvid and Mary Burke to provide scholarships...
$1500.00 Matilda Cox Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Established in 2006 in memory of Matilda Cox, by her grandson, Everton...
Varies ($25 - $500) Michele Di Palo Williams & Graeme Williams Student Opportunity Fund
Established by Michele Di Palo-Williams & Graeme Williams to provide...
$1,000 to $2,000 Microbial Scientists of Tomorrow Scholarship
Established in 2021 by Vanessa Vasadi-Figueroa ’05, this scholarship is...
$1,000.00 Mildred and Louis Resnick Scholarship Fund
Established by Mildred and Louis Resnick this scholarship will be...
$1,600.00 Mildred Snyder-Holzman Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2019 to in honor of the 100th anniversary of SUNY New...
Varies (up to 1500) Milton 'Sparky' Garrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established in 2004 through the generosity of alumni friends. The...
Varies Music Department Chair Fund Scholarship
Established in 2021 by Dr. Carole Cowan with the intent to provide...
varies (up to 2000) Olga Santora Scholarship
Established through a bequest to provide scholarship support for...
varies Owens Family Arts Administration Internship Fund
The Dorsky Museum is seeking an energetic, motivated, and friendly...
varies (up to 1000) Patricia Gould-Peck '66 Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Art Education
Through the generous bequest of alumnae Patricia Gould-Peck ’66 this...
Varies Peg Leg Bates Memorial Scholarship
Established through a generous gift from Mildred and Louis Resnick in...
varies (up to 1000) Philip Berkowitz '75 and Mary Ann Quinn EOP Scholarship Fund
Established in 2016 by Philip Berkowitz and Mary Ann Quinn to support...
varies (up to 2000) President Donald P. and Sandra K. Christian Research Scholarship Endowment
Established in 2016 by Donald and Sandra Christian, this fund will...
varies (up to 1000) Professor Dan E. Swartz Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Professor Dan E. Swartz Endowed Scholarship Fund will support an...
varies (up to 1000) Professor Frank Kraat Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund
The Professor Frank Kraat Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund is to...
varies (up to 1500) Professor Lewis Brownstein International Relations Travel and Research Endowed Fund
Established in 2016 by the Department of Political Science and...
varies (up to 1500) Professor Martin "Doc" Rutstein Scholarship
Established in 2014 to honor the contributions of Geology professor, Dr....